Church of Badia a Gangi

Church of Badia a Gangi

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 Via Castello, 4 - Gangi (PA)

The Church of the Badia di Gangi is one of the oldest churches in the village, it is a jewel of 1700 architecture, mainly in Doric style.
It was built in the 14th century and originally the structure was used to the Oratory. In the 16th century, a large monastery dedicated to St. Peter was added to the church, which later became the Abbey of the Benedictine nuns. In the eighteenth century, important structural changes to the Church began, carried out by the architect Gandolfo Felice Buongiorno.
The church has a large choir-loft closed by a gilded iron grate with intertwined flower motifs. This place was used by the nuns as a parlor with visitors, in it there was also a small door from which the nuns received communion. The grate is surmounted by a pipe organ set in the wall guarded by a chest entirely covered in gold.
The frescoes and paintings in the church are of great value: the large oil canvas of the high altar depicting Saints Peter and Paul ; the frescoes painted by Giuseppe Crestadoro in 1796 which adorn the ceiling and the central nave; the frescoes depicting Faith, Hope, Charity and Justice, the work of Joseph Crestadoro, which are located in the corners of the vault.

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