Church of San Paolo in Gangi

Church of San Paolo in Gangi

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 Via delle Rimembranze - Gangi (PA)

The Church of San Paolo a Gangi , located to the north-west on the slope of Monte Marone, is one of the places of worship of Gangi.
It was built in the 15th century as the Oratory of San Paolo and, after the exodus of the Benedictines, it became the Church of San Paolo. In 1812 it underwent an important restoration and took on the three-nave structure that today characterizes it.
Inside, the central nave is divided from the lateral ones by a rare system of coupled columns , resting on a high basement and decorated with floral and anthropomorphic motifs, the work of the famous Enguine engraver Andrea Bonanno. On the main altar is the statue of St. Joseph with the divine infant. Due to the presence of this statue, the church must have been dedicated to St. Joseph but the brothers opposed it and wanted to keep the original name of the oratory. Inside the church there is also a statue of St. Paul, the work of the well-known sculptor G.B. Li Volsi, which is placed on the altar of the right aisle.
The Church of San Paolo is also known as the church of San Giuseppe de rich, to differentiate it from a second church dedicated to San Giuseppe, and so called because in this church the missa basciu was celebrated, that is the midday mass in which people of the highest class took part.

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