Morgana fairy and the Strait of Messina


A trick of the cunning Fata Morgana makes Sicily and Calabria seem to touch on certain days.
Legend has it that the Morgana fairy, after having led her brother Artù to the foot of Etna, decided to settle in Sicily and build her crystal palace between Etna and the Strait of Messina.
No sailor could approach due to the strong storms that broke out near his home. Every time someone tried to reach Sicily from Calabria, Fata Morgana made him believe that the two shores were close. It is said that even the Norman King Roger fell into his trap: he threw himself into the water convinced that he could soon reach the other shore but drowned after a while. with seven horses and a silver vessel. When it comes out of the water it throws three stones and makes signs in the sky, the sea swells and becomes like a crystal on which images of men and cities appear.
The legend of the Fata Morgana in the Strait of Messina more however, it is only a fanciful and original explanation of an atmospheric phenomenon that creates this optical effect due to the variation in temperature that alters the density and refraction of light.

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