Places of I Malavoglia - Aci Trezza


Giuseppe Scandura

"I Malavoglia" is the most famous novel by Giovanni Verga, a great exponent of the poetics of Verismo, and is set in Aci Trezza.
The Malavoglia are a large family of fishermen overwhelmed by a cruel fate: the boat on which they work, Provvidenza, sinks causing the death of the head of the family and the madness of his wife.
In the small fishing village it is now possible to rediscover the places where the Malavoglia family spent their days. The port of the village of Aci Trezza is still animated by an intense activity of fishermen and the natural inlet in which it lies, facing the Faraglioni, is identical to the one from which the Providence of padron 'Ntoni sailed.
The house of the medlar , home of the Malavoglia family, is today a small museum that collects objects relating to the daily life of fishermen narrated in I Malavoglia.
There were gathered objects and period furniture, which give the visitor the emotion of sharing the rather narrow spaces with padron 'Ntoni, or of seeing Lia playing in the courtyard, still a child, or hearing the rhythmic beating of La Longa, with the comb on the frame.

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