Robbe in Milena


The Robbe di Milena are small residential areas, located in the countryside, which gave rise to today's village.
The village of Milena is in fact characterized by an unusual distributed urban structure due to the methods of its formation process. At the end of the nineteenth century the lands of the fiefdom of Milocca, ancient name of Milena, were given to censo, i.e. rented, and given the considerable distance from other inhabited centers and the difficulty of connections, the farmers built modest homes in the countryside, along the royal paths or near water sources. These were built next to each other so as not to be isolated and to have the use of drinking water at their disposal. These agglomerations were called Robbe and each of them took its name from the surname or more often, from the nickname, of the first family that built it.
Before 1928 in the territory of Milena there were almost sixty Robbe . Later these were administratively reunited in thirteen Villages and in the Urban Centre. Thus in 1933 Littoria Nissena was born, who after only six months became the ordiena Milena, in honor of the mother of the then Queen Elena of Montenegro.
Today in the districts of Cinque Grana, Zillante, Spagnolo, Aquilia, Bennardo, Santa Maria, ... these houses still exist but are reduced to a state of ruin

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