Church of San Pietro in Caltagirone

Church of San Pietro in Caltagirone

Carlo Pelagalli - CC3.0


 Via S. Pietro, 1211 - Caltagirone (CT)

The Church of San Pietro in Caltagirone is one of the places of worship in the city.
The church was restored following the earthquake of 1693: in the second half of the 19th century on a project by the architect. Gaetano Auricchiella the façade was created in neo-Gothic style covered in polychrome majolica by the ceramist Giacomo Arcidiacono. The façade features a bronze door by Calatino Gaetano Angelico, inaugurated on 8 December 1987, surmounted by a stained glass window depicting the miraculous catch. The two bell towers were placed side by side with the façade. A white stone clock was placed in one of the bell towers which in 1944, at the expense of a wealthy farmer, was replaced by another tower clock.
The interior, with a single nave and apse, has a vault decorated with stucco and frescoes by Giuseppe Vaccaro (1793-1862), which represent episodes from the life of St. Peter and in the corbels of the dome depicting the four Evangelists. The apse still retains the ancient high altar with inlaid polychrome marble tabernacle surmounted by a large wooden crucifix.
Inside the church there are wooden statues of St. Peter, St. Vitus, Christ Apassionato, by authors unknown, and the statue of the Madonna and Child by Antonino Ragona from 1946.

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