Mother Church in Milena

The Mother Church of Milena, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, is the main building of worship in the town.
It was built starting in 1870 and opened for worship in 1881. Its construction was necessary because it was the only church then present in the village was the small and unsafe church of San Martino, located inside the monastery-farm of S. Martino, which was located in a peripheral position and difficult to reach by faithful who lived in the different Robbes present in the territory of Milena. The church was built thanks to the contribution of the population who participated not only with donations but also with the transport of stones from the Rocca della Mendola-Pili Mancarelli quarry.
The facade presents simple and elegant lines, typical of Sicilian neoclassicism. A portico was built along the side façade, behind which stands the clock tower.
The interior, with a single nave, is enriched with paintings and sculptures by Francesco Biangardi.

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