Serravalle Castle in Mineo

Serravalle Castle in Mineo

Nello Blangiforti - CC1.0


 SS417 - Mineo (CT)

The Castle of Serravalle in Mineo, dating back to the fourteenth century, was built on the Pizzuto hill with the function of defending and protecting the southern part of Catania from attacks. The Castle is perched on an elongated rocky bank that emerges from the surrounding clayey hills, and strongly characterizes the surrounding landscape. Overhanging the south side, the entrance is located on the opposite side, where the orography of the land is flatter.
The medieval castle, originally composed of a tower and a wall equipped with a walkway, has undergone over time extensions and adaptations, while maintaining the original system. Over the course of its history, it has taken on a residential function as a watchtower and defensive castle.
Crossing the entrance door to the Castle, you enter a gallery dug into the rock that leads to the courtyard. The peculiarity of the external area, very articulated and terraced, is the cistern obtained inside the rocky bank below. From here, you enter through two distinct passages, the tower and the side body. The lateral body, originally used as a stable, was raised and reconfigured during the intervention dating back to the 16th century due to the need to add additional rooms. In this body of the building there are characteristic windows with underlying slits.
The tower, which has perfectly squared stone cantonals, constitutes the predominant element of the entire structure.
Finally, the boundary wall, which has one wall thickness not indifferent enough to allow the patrol walkway, in some sections, it has been reintegrated with a thinner wall.
Today the castle of Serravalle is privately owned.

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