Civic Tower of Mussomeli

Civic Tower of Mussomeli

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 Via Minneci, 12 - Mussomeli (CL)

The Civic Tower of Mussomeli was built in 1549 at the behest of Don Cesare Lanza, Lord of the city. In 1906 it was almost entirely demolished, construction of the current tower began in 1910 based on a project by Eng. Savagnone.
It is a square plan structure in freestone on the south side of which a mullioned window opens which re-proposes, in a simplified key, the Chiaramonte canons present in the mullioned windows of the Castle. The base part is made of cut stone, while the top is made of a nut built with terracotta bricks supported by shaped limestone shelves. It is equipped with dials for reading the hours on three of the four sides: in 1875, during the restoration of the tower, two large marble dials were placed on the east and south sides, so that it could be easily read from all over the town. time. The tower is crowned by a stone "mantle" on which a Ghibelline battlements are placed. An iron structure, clearly inspired by Art Nouveau, supports the bell from 1555. On the edge of the bell is engraved: “ihs mariae filius in tempore d.cesaris lacea opus factum per universitatem a.d. 1555 opus i ° duici et pauli santi phi ".

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