Forest of Sperlinga

Forest of Sperlinga

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 Sperlinga (EN)

The Bosco di Sperlinga is located along the eastern slopes of Monte Zimarra.
It is a wood made up exclusively of downy oaks, often centuries-old specimens, inhabited by specimens of sparrow hawk. The fauna consists of weasels, martens, wild cats, hares, foxes and rabbits.
Of particular interest are the so-called "cifi", ancient troughs made of local sandstone.
The wooded area also includes a part of the upper valley of the Salso Cimarosa river, the ancient Kiamosoros, which begins its course here towards the basin of the Pozzillo dam. The watercourse, characterized by a high saline content due to the erosion of evaporative deposits of the chalky sulphurous plateau, hosts a rich fauna specialized in life in brackish water. In the area there are also some gorges, which originated precisely from the encounter between water and quartz sandstone.
The excursion into the woods can be done on foot or by bike. At the entrance to the wood you walk along the well-trodden track, which forks after 100 m, going right to reach the refuge, continuing straight up to the summit and, entering the wood, you reach the top of the mountain.

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