Sperlinga Civic Museum and Rock Caves

Sperlinga Civic Museum and Rock Caves

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 Largo Castello - Sperlinga (EN)

The Museo della Civiltà Contadina di Sperlinga and the Caves Museum constitute an ethno-anthropological museum housed in the caves of the rupestrian village, on the slopes of the Sperlinga Castle.
It is believed that the caves where the museum was housed were used, during the Byzantine period, as a place of worship. In fact, inside these there are some traces of plaster in different points of the internal walls, a peculiar feature of the ancient rock religious buildings of the time. In more recent times the same caves were used by peasants and shepherds as stables.
The Museum of Rural Life covers an area of ​​about 165 square meters, to which are added the rooms of other 5 caves that make up the < b> Sperlinga Caves Museum , all located at a very short distance from each other. Taken together, the Museum of Rural Life and the Caves Museum make up a fascinating museum site of great historical and cultural interest.
The Museo della Civiltà Contadina presents, within two large rooms made in the cave, various tools used by the ancient Sicilian peasants, retracing all the steps of the production process that led to the creation of bread, from the tools for sowing, passing to those of harvesting and processing and, concluding with all the objects that were used for the final bread-making.
The Caves Museum in Sperlinga are five rock rooms in which the environments of the ancient Sicilian peasants' homes are recreated . Inside are exhibited handcrafted objects, most often made by the same farmer who lived there, objects for the kitchen, utensils for common use, toys for children also made in an artisanal way.

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