Church of Maria SS. Assunta in Sutera

Church of Maria SS. Assunta in Sutera

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 Via Ruggero - Sutera (CL)

The Church of Maria SS. Assunta is the Mother Church of the village of Sutera.
It was built at the behest of John III of Chiaramonte, baron of Butera, around 1374, in order to replace a mosque located in the same place by the Arab population. Only a few elements remain of the old mosque, such as the 4 niches in plaster of mortar.
Over the centuries the church has undergone various restorations and rearrangements.
A few steps from the church is the ancient bell tower from whose base the interweaving of alleys and streets leading to the upper part of the town starts.
The façade has a valuable main entrance portal built in the seventeenth century and characterized by the presence of limestone ornaments.
The interior has three naves, separated by pillars that make up round arches, decorated with floral motifs in gold and turquoise colors.
Among the works preserved in the church of particular value are: the statues of San Calogero, the Madonna Addolorata, and the Madonna Assunta; splendid seventeenth-century representations; an artisan organ dating back to 1600.

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