Carnival in Piraino

Carnival in Piraino

 17 Feb 2024

 Gliaca - Piraino (ME)

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On the occasion of the celebrations of the Carnival of Piraino, in the seaside village of Gliaca di Piraino, parades of allegorical floats and masked groups are held, as well as dancing and musical performances.
The Piraino carnival begins on Thursday evening with the fat evening with dancing, music and entertainment. Various events and demonstrations are organized until Shrove Tuesday, the day in which you can attend the great final parade in Gioiosa Marea with the Murgo and Bear Parade.
The parades of the Carnival of Piraino and the Carnival of Gioiosa Marea are organized in collaboration and on Shrove Tuesday you can attend a single large parade, known as the Parade of the Murgo and the Bear whose name recalls the symbols of the two carnivals: the Murgo is the symbol of the carnival of Gioiosa Marea, he is a man in tails, top hat, white gloves and a violin, while the bear , which represents the Piraino carnival, is the symbol of the carnival in the Nebrodi areas.

Dates to be confirmed, program not yet available.

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