Regalbuto Carnival 2024

Regalbuto Carnival 2024

 13 Feb 2024

 Regalbuto (EN)


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The Regalbuto Carnival is considered one of the most important carnival events in the whole of Sicily.
On the occasion of the Carnival, the streets of the city center are animated with dances, music and dances. Particularly important are the masquerade parades where almost a thousand parades fill the main street.
The most characteristic moment is that of the contradanze, exhibitions that from the beginning of the twentieth century animated the city carnival. Traditional is the dance of the quadrilles , in which twelve couples of dancers, wearing costumes of great beauty, recall an ancient propitiatory dance that was performed between the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
Carnival has its roots in the late 1800s, when wealthy families, in the period preceding Easter, organized masked dances in the halls of noble palaces. Over time, the event spread among the people and, from the mid-1900s, its tradition officially began.

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