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Regalbuto is a small village that stands on a hill from which you can enjoy one of the most suggestive views of the great volcano Etna.
Regalbuto has an ancient history, it already appears in the writings of Pliny, and around the year 1000 it was inhabited by only Saracens. Traces of its historical past live on in the ancient Saracen quarter.
Over the decades the Muslims moved away and in their place came the Christians who built the church of Santa Maria dell'Auxilio, still today the symbol of the city.
Regalbuto is surrounded by a boundless plain where an incredible silence accompanies a quiet and delicate nature.


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Origins of the name

Origins of the name "Regalbuto"

The name "Regalbuto" bears witness to the ancient history of this village and the role it assumed during the Saracen rule.

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