Feast of San Giuseppe in Petralia Sottana

Feast of San Giuseppe in Petralia Sottana

 March 2025

 Petralia Sottana (PA)

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The Feast of San Giuseppe and the Virgineddi in Petralia Sottana is an event where rituals, devotion and tradition mix together: the strong devotion to the Holy Patriarch mixes with ancient rites linked to the rebirth of nature and the reactivation of agro-pastoral cycles.< br>Every year in the Madonita village the procession of the simulacrum of San Giuseppe is organized through the streets of the town and the "Virgineddi", i.e. the lunches offered for devotion or in exchange for a grace, whose menu is intimately linked to the territoriality, to the history and devotional penance, which were once intended for the less well-off sections of the population. The importance of this event is such that the devotional lunch menu has been entered in the register of De.C.O. products. by Petralia Sottana.

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