Petralia Sottana

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Petralia Sottana

Provincia: PA - Area: Cefalù and Madonie

Petralia Sottana is a small village with a typically medieval urban layout: narrow alleys, stairways and underpasses characterize the upper area of ​​the village, home to the oldest districts.
Once there was only one Petralia: ancient Petra, founded by Sicani and called "Batarliah" by the Arabs. It was the Normans who built a castle around which the village of "sotto" developed, thus separating the community of Petralia into two sister cities: Sottana and Soprana. Petralia Sottana reached the peak of its splendor under the baronies of the Ventimiglia, Moncada, Cardona and Alvarez de Toledo families. Monuments, works of art and an authentic sculptural heritage bear witness to its history.

What to eat

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You can obviously taste all the typical products of Sicilian cuisine, the most well-known ones, such as cannoli, Sicilian cassata, arancini, etc. But there are some specialties typical of this area that are more difficult to find in other areas of Sicily.

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