Feast of San Nicolò Politi in Alcara li Fusi

Feast of San Nicolò Politi in Alcara li Fusi

 Aug 2024

 Alcara Li Fusi (ME)

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In Alcara Li Fusi, the patron saint San Nicolò Politi is celebrated twice a year: on May 3 and August 17. According to tradition, the holy anchorite originally from Adernò, today Adrano, lived for thirty years in prayer in Alcara Li Fusi, inside a small cave and as a reference monastery he chose the Monastery of Santa Maria del Rogato.
The festival that takes place in the first days of May dates back to the sixteenth century and was born to commemorate the event of the "miracle of the rain": according to popular tradition on May 10, 1503, at the end of the religious services, with which the faithful asked God for the grace of rain through the intercession of the pious anchorite, numerous clouds rose in the sky and miraculously began to rain. The fields were irrigated and in the following months gave an abundant harvest.
The celebrations of May begin on day 1 with the pilgrimage of the faithful to the Holy Water on the slopes of Mount Calanna where, incorporated in a chapel, is the miraculous spring that it is said the Saint made it gush with his stick thanks to divine help, during his wanderings on the Nebrodi. On the morning of May 3, at the end of the Holy Mass, the procession of the statue of the Patron Saint takes place through the streets of the town.

Dates and Scheduling

3 May 2024

08:00 Holy Mass in the Mother Church.
To conclude: solemn translation of the Simulacrum and the Reliquary of the Patron Saint from the Chapel to the "Vara".
 Chiesa Madre Maria SS. Assunta

09:00 Raccolta dei voti con il Corpo Bandistico Municipale.

11:00 Solemn Holy Mass in the Mother Church.
At the end: Procession of the Patron Saint.
 Chiesa Madre Maria SS. Assunta

20:30 Sorteggio in Piazza Politi.
 Piazza San Nicolò Politi

22:00 Celebration of the Thanksgiving Liturgy at San Nicolò Politi, in the Mother Church.
N.B.: During the celebration of the solemn Mass it will not be allowed to bring offerings and other donations to the Saint near the Vara.
 Chiesa Madre Maria SS. Assunta

Per esigenze organizzative si invitano tutti coloro che hanno impegni votivi o vogliono offrire premi per il sorteggio a comunicarlo al Comitato entro e non oltre le ore 08,00 del 3 maggio.
- Tutte le celebrazioni e gli eventi principali della festa verranno trasmessi in streaming, in diretta sulla Pagina Facebook ufficiale “San Nicolo Politi Comitato Feste Alcara li Fusi".

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