Feast of San Paolino in Sutera

Feast of San Paolino in Sutera

 2024 April 2

 Sutera (CL)

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The Feast of San Paolino in Sutera extends the Easter holidays, in fact it is celebrated on the Tuesday after Easter. For this reason the feast is also known as "Pasquone", because it falls the day after Easter Monday.
The Feast of San Paolino has ancient origins that date back to 1001, the year in which the Sacred Relics of San Paolino and Sant'Onofrio, patrons of the city of Sutera, were brought from Rome to Sutera.
The urns, which according to tradition house the mortal remains of the two saints, are arks of very fine workmanship : the urn that contains the remains of San Paolino is of the Aragonese type of very fine silver commissioned from the Palermo artisans by the powerful Pujades family. It is one of the most important examples of the 15th century Sicilian high school of goldsmithing ; the urn containing the remains of Sant'Onofrio dates back to 1649 and belongs to the Baroque school. It was commissioned to the master goldsmith Francesco Rivelo by the Municipality of Sutera for devotion to the holy hermit. And in that urn the goldsmith lavished all his skill, creating figures that narrated the life of Sant'Onofrio.
"Li Santi Casci", the name with which the citizens of Sutera affectionately call the two urns, are brought to a spectacular procession with the three brotherhoods of SS. Sacramento, the whites, the Holy Spirit, the reds, and Maria SS. Of the Agonizzanti, the greens.
The feast of San Paolino is very characteristic and evocative also due to the natural conformation of the territory on which the majestic fortress rises on the top of which stands the sanctuary of San Paolino.
Traditionally the inhabitants of the village ring the bell, placed at the top of the mountain, as an act of homage and submission to the Patron Saints.

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