Feast of Sant'Eligio in Sciara

Feast of Sant'Eligio in Sciara

 24 Sept 2024

 Sciara (PA)

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Gran equestrian gala - Palio di Sant'Eligio

The Feast of Sant'Eligio Bishop in Sciara takes place on the last weekend of September and is characterized by the traditional procession of the Image of Sant'Eligio placed on the horse of the knight who requested the privilege.
The day of celebration is preceded by various events of an equestrian nature, as Saint Eligius is the protector of horse merchants: the equestrian ginkkhana, horse shows and the equestrian grail gala.< br>On the day of celebration, the solemn procession takes place in which festively caparisoned horses take part and accompany the rider with the image of the Saint.
The celebrations end with Palio di Sant'Eligiowhere riders and jockeys compete in tests of skill and speed.

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