Feast of Santa Febronia in Palagonia

Feast of Santa Febronia in Palagonia

 Jan 2025

 Palagonia (CT)

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The Feast of Santa Febronia, Patron Saint of Palagonia, is the most important religious festival for the city.
The Patron Saint is celebrated in June, on the occasion of the liturgical anniversary, in August, on the occasion of the feast for the emigrants and in the month of January when the Patronage of Santa Febronia is celebrated in memory of the 1693 earthquake.

The Patronal celebration, which takes place in the month of June, has a very ancient and dates back to the 16th century. On the occasion of the festival, some very characteristic and traditional moments take place, such as: the spaccata or pigni, a moment which recalls the entry of the Saint into Paradise, the auction of the bell , whose winner will have the right to ring the bell during the procession, and the table of Santa Febronia.
The day of the liturgical feast, June 25, is preceded by a rich liturgical program of preparation for the feast.
The culminating moment of the feast is the solemn Procession of the simulacrum of Saint Febronia, dating back to the 16th century, and of the Holy Relics in which the authorities, the brotherhoods and the many faithful take part.
On the occasion of the Numerous events are organized at the festival, such as folkloristic, musical and entertainment shows.

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