Feast of Saint Lucia in Corleone

Feast of Saint Lucia in Corleone

 Dec 2024

 Corleone (PA)

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On December 13 the Festa di Santa Lucia in Corleone is celebrated. The celebrations are organized by the parish and the brotherhood of Santa Lucia and begin a few days before, with the triduum of preparation and the religious functions which take place at the Santa Maria di Gesù church, which is located in Piazza Santa Maria, inside which the simulacrum of Saint Lucia is kept. The statue was created in 1567 by the sculptor and painter Antonino Ferraro da Giuliana in carved, gilded and painted wood, and represents the saint crowned and in regal clothes, while holding the plate containing her eyes in her right hand , and on the left the palm of martyrdom and the book of the Holy Scriptures.
The confraternity of Saint Lucia in Corleone was founded in 1640 to solemnize the holiday; in fact every brother had the obligation to be present at the party and to take part in the procession with the traditional dress. The foundation of a chapel dedicated to Saint Lucia dates back to the same year, inside the convent of the Friars Minor, adjacent to the church of Santa Maria and inside which there is a valuable cloister.
On Christmas Eve, after Solemn Vespers of Saint Lucia, in the parish hall a tasting of chickpeas is usually offered to all the faithful present. The following morning lauds are recited and holy mass is celebrated for the brothers and sisters. Immediately afterwards, the cuccìa tasting begins in the parish cloister, a typical dish of the feast of Saint Lucia based on cooked wheat which recalls the miracle of the martyr who died on 13 December in the year 304 AD. In 1646, after a long famine that had starved the population, the saint had a ship loaded with wheat reach Sicily.
Then the simulacrum of Saint Lucia is carried on the shoulders through the streets of the historic center, accompanied by a crowd of faithful and the musical band. At the end of the evening the procession accompanies the statue of the Saint back to her church and the final blessing is given.

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