Feast of Patron Saints in Grammichele

Feast of Patron Saints in Grammichele

 7, 8 Mag 2024

 Grammichele (CT)

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In May, celebrations are held in Grammichele in honor of the patron saints Santa Caterina and San Michele Arcangelo.
Traditionally, a few days before the festivities, the Confraternities bring the simulacrum of the Virgin, kept in the church of the 'Immaculate Conception, at the Mother Church. The simulacrum of the Virgin is in fact carried in procession together with those of the Patron Saints.
On the day of the feast, a great show takes place where faith, tradition and folklore mix: it is the moment for the simulacra of San Michele Arcangelo and Santa Caterina, preceded by the simulacrum of the Immaculate Madonna. The simulacrums are welcomed by the crowd with a spectacular launch of colored papers, with the characteristic palluna of San Michele, i.e. colored balloons that are released into the air, by the firing of fireworks, and by the sound of party bells. This is followed by the traditional procession which ends late in the evening with a musical show and fireworks.

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