Living Nativity scene in Agira

Living Nativity scene in Agira

 2023 December 24

 Sentiero Castello Conte Luna - Agira (EN)

 +39 328 7786555

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The living nativity scene of Agira, defined The most original nativity scene in Italy , is a spectacular event that on Christmas Eve, since 1989, animates the castle, a medieval stronghold symbol of Agira.
La night of 24 December, at the end of the Holy Mass in the Church of Santa Margherita, the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem will be staged for the Census, the search for accommodation in the streets of the historic center, and the scene of the Most Holy Nativity. This last scene will be set among the ruins of the ancient castle that will be the destination of shepherds, Magi kings, and numerous spectators who will take part in this splendid historical re-enactment.
The magical Christmas atmospheres are evoked by a large number of figures : housewives, groups of children playing, elderly people warming themselves around a fire, blacksmiths and carpenters in small huts, and obviously from Giuseppe who has with him the donkey on which Mary travels tired.

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