Living Nativity in Sutera

Living Nativity in Sutera

Luisio - CC1.0

 Dec 2024

 Sutera (CL)

 +39 334 6923722

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The Living Nativity of Sutera is an event included in the R.E.I., Register of Intangible Heritage of the Region of Sicily , and has over 20,000 visitors a year.
On the occasion of the living nativity scene, the oldest district of Sutera , Rabato, with its narrow streets, dammusate houses, is the backdrop for the re-enactment of the Holy Nativity in a suggestive atmosphere of warm lights and ancient sounds.
The living nativity scene of Sutera begins on the night of December 24th with a great mystical event that sees Joseph and Mary knocking at each of the 40 stations set up for the nativity scene , looking for a refuge, a shelter for the approach of the Holy Night. The performance ends, after the celebration of Holy Mass, with the homage of the figures and the faithful to the cave. Around the grotto of the nativity, the typical moments of the peasant civilization of the early 1900s are re-proposed, with the creation of environments and works that time and history have erased.
On the occasion of the event, visitors can participate in tastings of ancient traditional dishes such as "li ciciri" (chickpeas), "lu pani cunzatu" (seasoned bread), the soup of "maccu”, the “guastedda”.

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