Festival of the ear of corn in Gangi

Festival of the ear of corn in Gangi

 Aug 2024

 Gangi (PA)

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The Sagra della Spiga takes place every year on the second Sunday of August in the Madonite village of Gangi. It is a folkloristic manifestation of a rural character that evokes the customs, traditions and culture of the peasant life of the past, intertwining them with pagan mythology and in particular with the celebration of the myth of Demeter, goddess of the harvest.
There are several moments of the event: "A Vanniata da Festa", in which "u Vanniaturi", that is the auctioneer, riding a donkey, in his ancient costume and with the typical drum, goes around the streets of country announcing the start of the event and its program; "U Corteo du Zitu", that is a parade of period figures on horseback through the streets of the town, a reenactment of the ancient custom by the groom's family to visit the bride and ask for her hand; "A Zuccatina da Zita", which is a local author's comedy in the vernacular that evokes the ancient way of asking a girl in marriage; the parade dedicated to the life of the fields and in particular the work that was needed to complete the cycle of wheat where among the participants there are "u seminaturi", that is the sower followed by a couple of mules, the reapers and the bookbinders; "U Bagliu du Baruni" in which all the characters typically linked to the life and activity of the peasant nobility parade, as well as those who habitually used, for economic reasons, to frequent the baron's courtyard; "A Handful of Novi Cosi", during which a characteristic cooked mixture of legumes and cereals is offered to those present; “The procession of Demeter”, goddess of the harvest, and of the Meteres, goddesses of fertility, which is the culminating and most spectacular moment of the events linked to the Sagra della Spiga and takes place in the afternoon of the celebrations.

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