Tortone Festival in Sperlinga

Tortone Festival in Sperlinga

 2024 August

 Sperlinga (EN)

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The Sagra del Tortone in Sperlinga takes place on 16 August with the traditional Historical Procession of the Lady of the Castles of Sicily.
On the day of celebration, the streets and squares of the town come alive thanks to shows by flag-wavers, musicians, acrobats and falconers. In the afternoon the tortone festival begins where the merchants offer local handicraft products, sweets, legume soup dishes, good wine and the Tortone, a typical sweet made of kneaded and leavened flour and olive oil, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.
On the occasion of the festival, the Corteo Storico Dama dei Castelli di Sicilia takes place, made up of about 30 delegations from the villages belonging to the Gallo-Italic lands who play ladies and knights representing the noble families who dominated the castle of Sperlinga.
The Election of the Lady of the Castles of Sicily takes place in the square in front of the castle and the re-enactment of the episode of the siege of the castle which made Sperlinga famous during the Vespro Revolution, in 1283.
The celebrations end with musical fireworks.

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