Scala infiorata a Caltagirone - Festa Madonna Conadomini

Scala infiorata a Caltagirone - Festa Madonna Conadomini

Clemensfranz - CC2.5

 2024 May

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In Caltagirone, on May La Scala infiorata is set up, a tribute to the Madonna di Conadomini , co-patroness of the city and owner of the ancient church of Santa Maria del Monte, located in top of the famous Scala.
The term "Conadomini" derives from the fact that the sacred image of the Virgin Mary, depicted in a panel of a good school, perhaps even Byzantine, was placed, in place of the Christ carrying the cross, in the center of a polyptych called "cona" every time that serious calamities afflicted the town.
During the days there are many events that take place in honor of the Madonna di Conadomini: the procession through the streets of the historic center with the participation of the city authorities and the historical parade of the civic Senate; "'A Rusedda", that is a parade of carts, tractors and trucks decorated with the rusedda , the cistus plant, collected in the Santo Pietro wood that was once used by potters to burn ovens. The colorful procession is characterized by the sound of the “brogne”, that is large shells, transformed into wind instruments; the creation of the Floral staircase in which thousands of vases with plants and flowers form a single grandiose design on the 142 steps of the staircase of Santa Maria del Monte. The floral staircase is kept for a few weeks.

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