Byzantine tombs in Pantelleria

Byzantine tombs in Pantelleria


 Via Serraglia - Pantelleria (TP)

The Byzantine Tombs of Pantelleria are burial grounds obtained by digging the rock emerging from the ground and have an irregular rectangular or anthropoid shape. The tombs date back to the period of Byzantine occupation of the island, between the 6th and 9th centuries AD .. & nbsp;
The largest and most important of these burial grounds is located in Contrada Zighidì and served the underlying inhabited area of ​​Contrada Monastero. The tombs are all located on the right side of the path that goes down to the valley and are of different sizes. Unfortunately, some tombs have been incorporated into the surrounding wall of a private house and are only partially visible. It is possible to reach the site by following a path immersed in a wood of holm oaks.
Another site of considerable interest is that of the tombs of Gibbiuna, located in the locality of Gibbiuna in the Piana Ghirlanda area. The tombs are obtained from the stones of a small promontory enclosed in a forest of holm oaks.

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