Pollara Village in Salina

Pollara Village in Salina

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 Pollara - Salina (ME)

The Borgo di Pollara in Salina extends over a natural bay, an ancient volcanic crater partially collapsed. What remains of the ancient volcano is the faraglione that rises from the sea, "the guardian" that protects the hamlet of Pollara.
The small town has extended over time around the patronal church of Sant'Onofrio, dating back to 1853 and inside which is kept the statue of the immaculate of Sant'Onofrio and some paintings dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
Pollara preserves an extraordinary scenery among ancient boat storage dug into the rock, the "balate " , the stack in the center of the bay and the arch of Punta del Perciato.
Pollara is famous for being one of the main sets of the film "The postman", the last film shot by Massimo Troisi before his untimely death in 1994. In memory of these shots, in the square in front of the church of Sant'Onofrio, in Pollara, it is possible to admire the mural by Massimo Troisi and Pablo Neruda who seem to chat while sitting on a bench.
In Pollara, at dusk, you can admire what is called "one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world".

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