Mother Church in Brolo

Mother Church in Brolo

Daniele Napolitano - CC4.0

The Mother Church of Brolo, dedicated to Maria Santissima Annunziata, is the main building of worship in the village.
It was built in 1764 at the behest of Vincenzo Abbate and was dedicated to the patron saint of the city.
The façade , characterized by alternating pink plaster and stucco pilasters, has a simple portal decorated with limestone volutes. On the left side stands the bell tower with a domed roof.
The interior, with a single nave, ends with the altar where the nineteenth-century Gestatoria Chair of particular artistic value is located. Along the nave there are eight chapels which host frescoes dating back to the eighteenth century and various statues of saints.
Inside the church there are works of particular artistic value: the painting on canvas dating back to the eighteenth century, located on the main altar, depicting the Annunciation; three paintings by the Russian painter from Barcelona depicting The Nativity, Our Lady of the Rosary and the Transit of Joseph; the golden wooden statue of the Holy Owner; the baptismal font.

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