Museum of Punishment and Torture in Brolo

Museum of Punishment and Torture in Brolo

Daniele Napolitano - CC4.0

The Museum of Punishment and Torture, located inside the Brolo Castle, displays instruments of execution and torture used for many centuries during the Middle Ages.
Among the instruments of torture, death and mockery exposed to inside the museum, and organized by historical era, by type of use and construction, of particular interest are: the Garrotta, the Thumb Smasher, the Inquisitorial Chair, the Heretic's Fork consisting of two small forks that were made to penetrate under the chin and above the chest; the Pillory, the Stork of cripplement that immobilized the neck with hoops, held tight to the wrists and ankles; Mocking masks; the Piper of the baccanaro; the drunkard's barrel; the Wives' Violone; the Spanish Horse; the Cradle of Judah; ...

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