Sanderson Villa in Castanea delle Furie

Villa Sanderson in Castanea delle Furie, today Villa Rinciari, and is one of the many villas that enriched this territory in the late nineteenth century.
In the nineteenth century an English Sanderson family chose Messina as a place for their business: it was the beginning of a a real "golden age" for the small rural village of Castanea delle Furie, chosen as the summer destination of the Sandersons, who will host some of the most illustrious personalities of the time at their Villa.
The villa is known because among the illustrious guests of the Sanderson vie family was Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, the last German emperor. It is said that in this place the Kaiser used to come for afternoon walks during his stays in Messina. In his honor, a seat with over 500 bricks called the "Guglielmone" was built in the part of the garden of the villa overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, which can still be admired today.

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