Church of San Camillo in Messina

Church of San Camillo in Messina

Mstyslav Chernov - CC3.0


 Via Principe Umberto, 71 - Messina (ME)

The Church of San Camillo di Messina was founded by the Crociferi Fathers and opened for worship in 1932.
The church is accessed via a balustrade staircase that gives light and depth to the whole complex even if today a nearby building has spoiled the beauty of the entire complex.
The interior, with three naves, has a neoclassical style colonnade. The walls are covered with inlaid marble, all coming from the eighteenth-century church of S. Anna.
Inside the church there are valuable works: a canvas of the "Madonna della Salute" from 1600; a silver reliquary in which a part of the heart of San Camillo de Lellis, founder of the Order of the Crociferi is kept; a silver chalice by Filippo Juvarra; a wooden sculptural group depicting "San Camillo and an infirm" and a pulpit in gilded wood.

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