Cavalli Fort in Messina

Cavalli Fort in Messina


 Strada Provinciale 39 - Messina (ME)

Forte Cavalli in Messina is part of the network of 22 forts located on the Sicilian and Calabrian heights bordering the strait.
The fort was built in the late 19th century with the aim of defending a part of the southern territory from feared French landings, engaged in that period, in a colonial expansionist policy towards Tunisia.
With the technological evolution of military means and the increase in the range of cannons it was possible to exploit the mountains above the strait as active defense against any maritime incursion, before then the defense necessarily had to be along the coast and therefore it was easily found under enemy fire.
Forte Cavalli has a classic trapezoidal plan, accessed from a central drawbridge entrance. The structure is symmetrical and inside, to go up to the upper floor it has two side ramps. The Monte Cavalli battery is one of the few fortifications to have 8 pitches for howitzers plus two lateral semicircular platforms for cannons. The number of artillery supplied by this structure is similar to that of Forte Masotto and Forte Petrazza occupied to defend the port.
Forte Cavalli is now home to the Historical Museum of the Permanent Fortification of the Strait of Messina.

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