Del Monte di Pietà Palace in Messina

Del Monte di Pietà Palace in Messina

Michele Bassi - CC1.0


 Via XXIV Maggio - Messina (ME)

The Palazzo del Monte di Pietà di Messina, located in the old Via dei Monasteri, today Via XXIV Maggio, is a building dating back to the 18th century.
It was built at the behest of the Archconfraternity of the Azzurri, on project by the Jesuit architect from Messina Natale Masuccio, with the intention of thinking of rooms to be raised in the air in front of the church of Santa Maria della Pietà, built by the Azzurri themselves on the ruins of the previous church of San Basilio.
Il The palace has an entrance portal with a marble plaque above it with the inscription Monte di Pietà and a balcony in Baroque style and, laterally, windows with a tympanum alternating with niches complete the façade. A large atrium with vaulted ceiling characterizes the internal rooms that flow into a large gently sloping courtyard that climbs up to the scenographic staircase, built in 1741 to a design by the architect Antonino Basile, which leads to the churchyard of the church of Santa Maria della Pietà. 'it dates back to the eighteenth century. On the first level of the staircase, in a central position, is the marble fountain of Abundance by Ignazio Buceti from Messina.
The Palazzo del Monte di Pietà was damaged during the earthquakes of February 5, 1783 and December 28, 1908. Further damage they were inflicted by war events, especially by the bombings of the Second World War. Today only the lower floor remains of the building and only part of the facade of the church .
The Monte di Pietà building is often used for cultural events and events.

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