Candelora Church in Corleone

The Church of Candelora in Corleone, located in the Lombardo district, stands on a rocky spur that protrudes from the road surface.
It was built in the 12th century by order of Andrea Ferrando on a previous building dedicated to San Giuliano. One of the entrance gates to the city once stood near the church: the Porta de Advocato, also known as Porta di la Biviratura.
The building, being located on a spur of rock, is elevated above street level and is connected to it via a staircase. The private building in front of the church also stands on a rock spur; together they create a rather unusual and suggestive view.
The simple gabled façade is surmounted by a small lateral belfry. The side facade, closed by large parastras, houses a votive aedicule dedicated to San Leoluca.
The interior, with a single nave, houses the canvas "Presentation to the Temple", the work of Giuseppe La Farina, the canvas "Madonna della Catena", and the canvas "Madonna della Campia", where one of the city gates is depicted in the background.

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