Former Hospital of Bianchi in Corleone

The former White Hospital in Corleone is a large monumental complex located in the ancient heart of the city. It is a symbol of the culture and tradition of Corleone since the rituals of Holy Week were born and still take place in this place.
It was built in the 16th century at the behest of the Bianchi company, from which it takes its name and has represented for centuries the only hospital center in Central-Western Sicily. Over time the building underwent major alterations: in 1768 the second floor was added, connected to the first with a large staircase in red Scalilli marble; on the ground floor, the Chapel of the Compagnia dei Bianchi dello Spirito Santo and the Oratorio dei Bianchi were built, completely integrated within the architectural complex. Inside the complex, there is also the Church of Maria SS. Annunziata which was originally built in 1388 and was moved in 1788 to allow a better distribution of the hospital premises.
The façade of the former hospital has three pointed arches with ring nut and tuff blocks arranged in a simple fan, an arrangement which recalls the Chiaramonte style.

The Chapel of the Compagnia dei Bianchi dello Spirito Santo has an elliptical plan with an apsidal presbytery. The hospital church, known as the Oratorio dei Bianchi has a single rectangular nave with a lunetted and lowered barrel vault which houses a valuable wooden altar. The interior presents a rich stucco decoration which culminates, in the cap of the apse, with the figure of God the Blessing Father. Inside the church there is the crypt where the members of the Company were buried, and a vestibule with decorated stucco statues of saints. Until 2007 there was a very valuable majolica floor representing the transit of Saint Joseph by the artist Nicolò Sarzana which was stolen during the renovation works.
The precious archive of the Company is also kept inside the hospital dei Bianchi, almost complete and in an excellent state of conservation, which contains all the documents regarding the management of the structure since its foundation.

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