Hippana Archaeological Area in Prizzi

The archaeological area of ​​Hippana is located on Monte San Lorenzo, also called Montagna dei Cavalli, which rises in front of the town of Prizzi. On the summit of the mountain, the remains of a heavily Hellenized indigenous settlement were found, destroyed by the Romans during the first Punic war.
The settlement has been identified with the city of Hippana. From ancient sources it is believed that the city existed between the 7th century BC. and 258 BC. and that, throughout its existence, it would maintain close relations with the Greeks. There are several elements to corroborate the thesis that this ancient settlement can be identified with the city of Hippana: the discovery of coins with a butting bull dating back to the second half of the 4th century BC; the violent destruction of the town in the middle of the third century. B.C. it is documented by the excavations carried out and coincides with what is described in historical sources on the end of Hippana, destroyed by the Romans during the first Punic war.
The settlement occupied the eastern and highest part of the mountain, while in the western part there was located a large necropolis. The town developed within the walls on a terraced structure.
On the Acropolis some buildings have been identified and brought to light. Among these, a circular building is of particular importance. Outside the fortifications of the acropolis are the remains of a theater dating back to the 4th century BC. and destroyed in 258 BC, the year of the destruction of the city of Hippana. The building holds the record for altitude among all theaters in the Greek world.

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