Church of San Francesco in Prizzi

The Church of San Francesco in Prizzi is an important sacred building in the village. Adjacent to the church was the convent of the Minori Conventuali: some cells that have become homes over time are still visible today.
It was built around 1600 in the place where a small chapel dedicated to San Rocco once stood.
The sloping facade is in stone and is flanked by a bell tower. The two entrance doors recall the life of St. Francis: the main one, in bronze, represents the Canticle of the Creatures; on the arch of the side door, an ancient and rustic high relief represents Francis preaching to the birds.
The inside of the church has a vault decorated with stucco and gold.
Among the works kept inside the church worthy of note are: the baptismal font, the statue of San Rocco, the wooden crucifix; the pipe organ; two paintings depicting good and bad death.
Of notable interest is the mausoleum of the noble Villaraut family, for a long time linked to the village, built with red, black and white marble.

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