Castle of Forza D'Agrò

Castle of Forza D'Agrò

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  Via Federico II - Forza D'Agrò (ME)

The Castello Argano di Forza d'Agrò , which belongs to the Norman period, is the symbol of the Fortress town. Its construction has been attributed to Count Ruggero the Norman, between the 11th and 12th centuries, who gave it the name of Fortilicium D'Agrò.
The building has never been the residence of noble families but its role is always was that of a fortress, a place of defense and refuge. The entrance to the castle is made up of stone blocks crowned by the gallery. On the architrave there is an inscription that recalls the restructuring which took place in 1595 by the deputies and jurors of Forenza.
Between the walls there are the loopholes, the lodgings for the soldiers and the remains of the church of the SS. Crucifix, from which the bell tower stands out. The Crucifix, once kept in the Church, was the only object left intact following the collapse of the church. The fact was considered miraculous and the crucifix was moved to the cathedral to be better venerated.
In an elevated space, near the church, with a shape similar to a cave, stands the powder magazine. A popular tradition asserts that a dense network of secret passages has been built in the castle that could be confirmed in the numerous caves present on the sides of the cliff and once used as a refuge by hermits. In 1876 the castle was used as a cemetery, and the presence of tombs, arranged randomly, make the environment surreal.
A short distance from the Castle, stands the guardhouse, which stands out with its silhouette on a high promontory overlooking the valley.

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