Naumachie in Taormina

Naumachie in Taormina

José Luiz - CC4.0


  Via Naumachia, 13 - Taormina(ME)

The Naumachie of Taormina is a construction formed by a large brick retaining wall.
The work was built in the second century. d. C in Roman times close to a pre-existing wall in square ashlars that was part of the Greek stoà of the city. The space between the Greek and Roman walls was occupied by a large water cistern. This cistern was used to supply the city with water and to feed the fountains that were located in the niches along the entire length of the external wall. Between the niches there were niches of smaller dimensions and rectangular shape which contained statues of divinities and heroes.
Contrary to the name "Naumachia" which means "naval battle", a name improperly attributed to this place by the Dutch Jacques-Philippe D'Orville, the Naumachie were not a place for the representation of naval battles but more likely, a Gymnasium, that is, a place to do gymnastic exercises.

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