Piazza IX Aprile of Taormina

Piazza IX Aprile is the most elegant lounge in Taormina. Characteristic are the open-air bars and artists who paint portraits and landscapes. The square is known all over the world for its magnificent panorama that embraces Mount Etna, the bay of Giardini Naxos and the ancient theater of Taormina.
The name of the square recalls an event that took place on April 9, 1860. On that date, during a mass in the cathedral of Taormina, the rumor spread that Garibaldi had landed in Marsala to begin liberation from the Bourbons from Sicily. Despite the news turned out to be false, as Garibaldi would have landed in Marsala only a month later, the inhabitants of Taormina also wanted to remember that moment, dedicating the most beautiful square in the city to it.

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