Necropolis of Contrada Stefano in Favara

Necropolis of Contrada Stefano in Favara

Toni Pecoraro - CC1.0


 Cda Stefano - Favara (AG)

The Paleochristian Necropolis of Contrada Stefano in Favara is an archaeological site that presents evidence of life dating back to the early Bronze Age, and from the Roman - Byzantine period to the Norman one.
The site includes more than one hundred open-air tombs dug into the rock and dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries AD. There are also artificial cave tombs from the early Bronze Age and an early Christian necropolis, located between two rock spurs where the tombs are carved.
The remains of a Roman villa, dating back to the end of the 4th century, have been found not far from the necropolis. The villa includes apsidal structures in opus caementicium and traces of polychrome mosaics.
The remains of the walls of what is believed to have been a rectangular tower have been found not far from the necropolis, which recalls in size and shape the other towers of the centuries XII and XIII present in the territory of Favara and in the nearby areas. This building is closely connected to a 12th century medieval farmhouse in the same area.

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