Rock Church of San Calogero in Licata

Rock Church of San Calogero in Licata


 Via Semaforo - Licata (AG)

The Rock Church of San Calogero in Licata is a hypogeum carved into the rock located under the church of the Virgin of Pompeii, dedicated to the Holy Cross. .
In the ancient city of Licata part of its inhabitants, mainly farmers and breeders, lived in natural caves and caverns. The houses were later incorporated into the houses that were built starting from 1600. Some rock churches are still visible today, among them that of San Calogero is the most significant.
The sanctuary of San Calogero was carved out of the rock by the Calogerini monks who, in addition to Licata, had settled in Naro, Agrigento and Sciacca. In 700 the rock sanctuary was included in a small church, which no longer exists today.

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