Rocca San Nicola Beach in Licata

Rocca San Nicola Beach in Licata

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 Pisciotto - Carrubella (AG)

The Rocca San Nicola beach in Licata is a beautiful beach of fine sand about two kilometers long, bordered by suggestive dunes and bordered to the south by the Rocca di San Nicola. It is a well-known sea area, beautiful and full of fish, characterized by very clean and crystalline water with a seabed that slopes gently towards the open sea. The beach is well equipped.
Traces of human settlements dating back to the Greco-Roman period have been found on the islet of San Nicola and it is believed that it was once joined with the beach by a strip of sand which formed a inlet suitable for use as a natural harbor. In the shallow sea in front of the islet there are several wrecks of boats that have sunk over the years.

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