Church of the Carmine in Leonforte

Church of the Carmine in Leonforte


 Via Gran Fonte, 59 - Leonforte (EN)

The Chiesa del Carmine in Leonforte is one of the oldest churches in the area as it already existed before the foundation of the city. In fact, it is said that in this place the Discalced Carmelite monks of nearby Assoro celebrated mass there.
The building was completely rebuilt by the Capuchin fathers in 1785 as it was about to fall.
The neoclassical facade is linear and has a raised bell tower.
The interior, marked by pilasters and cantonals, consists of a single nave.
Among the works kept in the church of particular value are: the seventeenth-century polychrome wooden statues of the Madonna del Carmelo, of San Giacomo, of San Vito protector from the bites of rabid dogs and of San Biagio protector from throat diseases; an oil on canvas depicting S. Anna also dated 1600; the plague stone preserved in a niche on the side wall above the stoup, protected by a small metal grate.

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