Fountain of the Nymphs in Leonforte

Fountain of the Nymphs in Leonforte

Antonino Di Stefafno - CC3.0


 Via Gran Fonte, 37A - Leonforte (EN)

The Fountain of the Nymphs of Leonforte, also known as source of Crisa, is the first monumental fountain of Leonforte. It is located in the homonymous garden and celebrates the myth of the river god Crysa.
It was built at the behest of Prince N. Placido Branciforti on the model of the one that Pope Paul V had built in Rome.
The fountain presents a classical Baroque style and is well balanced in the architectural structure. It represents a triumphal arch that surmounts an artificial rock from which water flowed which, passing through a lion's mouth, went to pour into a polygonal basin covered with glazed majolica tiles in white and blue colors. It is embellished with two side niches: the first contains a marble sculpture of a female figure representing Artemis, goddess of the hunt or Demeter, goddess of harvest; the second, now empty, contained the naked figure of a river divinity with cornucopia, called by the people “U santu misiru”, probably representing the god Crysa. The latter is currently located in the council chamber of the Town Hall. The large garden was also part of the fountain which, transformed into a citrus grove, is now privately owned.

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