Granfonte of Leonforte

Granfonte of Leonforte

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 Via Gran Fonte - Leonforte (EN)

The Granfote of Leonforte is a monument that is the usual meeting place for the population and, with its twenty-four spouts, also the public drinking trough. It was built ant the behest of Prince Placido Branciforti on the remains of an ancient Arab fountain called Fonte di Tavi.
The water from the Great Stronghold also fed the numerous fountains of the Botanical Garden. According to some interpretations, its architectural design is thought to recall a similar fountain that would be found in Amsterdam, Holland. The most accredited hypothesis is that the work, attributable to the Palermo architect Smiriglio, resumes the numerous creations of Flemish artists then very widespread in Sicily.
The majestic monumental fountain is of Baroque style, has a symmetrical shape and has a length of 24.60 meters, a depth of 2.55 meters, and 22 arches open to all sixth that allow a glimpse of the rural landscape below. From the 24 bronze spouts every day, except for Good Friday as a sign of mourning for the death of Christ, crystal clear water flows continuously and collects in the underlying rectangular basin. The façade with three gabled elevations decorated with bas-reliefs is joined at the sides with two volutes.
An emblematic and significant monument, called by the locals “a brivatura”, it represents the historical memory and the very heart of the city.

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