Nicoletti Lake

Nicoletti Lake

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 SS121 - Leonforte (EN)

Lake Nicoletti is an artificial lake with a bifid shape born following the construction of the Nicoletti dam in the seventies on the Dittaino river.
The lake is surrounded by a rich vegetation composed of a eucalipitus wood, fields cultivated with wheat and broad beans, from tree crops including olive, almond, orange and peach trees, as well as from pastures.
It is the seasonal home of numerous migratory birds that stop in the lake at certain times of the year and is of fish, and for this reason it is a popular destination for fishing lovers.
The Nicoletti lake is considered the "sea of ​​Enna" and represents an excellent sporting and tourist attraction managed by the Circolo Nautico Tre Laghi. Water skiing, Wake board, sailing, kayaking, mountain biking, archery and sport climbing are practiced, as well as playful and relaxing activities both in the water and on the piers and on land.

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